Planning is well underway for the 17th PAC in Tasmania
There are and 299 Campers registered!
20 Dec 2010 PAC17 Update - Not long to go now. The Campers Guide Book is now available. [u
7 Aug 2010 PAC17 Update - To view our latest DVD's, please click the following links: [url
29 Jul 2009 PAC 17 Update - On 6 July 2009 it will be only 18 months until PAC 17, the BB Tas
6 Jan 2009 Only 2 Years to Go - Welcome to 2009. Today - 6 January it will only be two years un
22 Oct 2008 PAC 17 Update - Registration forms for the 17th PAC Camp are out, and so far 17 l


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