Planning is well underway for the 17th PAC in Tasmania
There are and 299 Campers registered!
20 Dec 2010 PAC17 Update - Not long to go now. The Campers Guide Book is now available. [u
7 Aug 2010 PAC17 Update - To view our latest DVD's, please click the following links: [url
29 Jul 2009 PAC 17 Update - On 6 July 2009 it will be only 18 months until PAC 17, the BB Tas
6 Jan 2009 Only 2 Years to Go - Welcome to 2009. Today - 6 January it will only be two years un
22 Oct 2008 PAC 17 Update - Registration forms for the 17th PAC Camp are out, and so far 17 l

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Pentapac Results

Congratulations to these Campers who gained Gold Pentapac

Name        Company
Paraita    Akama    Cook Islands
Jonathan    Akama    Cook Islands
Peter    Alback    1st QLD Ipswich
Adam    Alback    1st QLD Ipswich
Mitchell    Albury    4th QLD Pine Rivers
Mitchell    Arbuckle    33rd VIC Boronia
Callum    Arbuckle    33rd VIC Boronia
David    Ball    2nd QLD Maryborough
Marcus    Barnes    2nd QLD Maryborough
Dale    Beasant    2nd QLD Maryborough
David    Besford    23rd VIC Diamond Valley
Francis    Best    21st VIC Mitcham
Mark    Boska    7th WA Bull Creek
Bill    Bourchier    6th ACT Canberra
Ben    Bradshaw    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Michael    Breuker    4th SA Salisbury
Jesse    Briggs    18th QLD Brisbane
Jordan    Briggs    18th QLD Brisbane
Michael    Brown    23rd VIC Diamond Valley
Stuart    Brownscombe 9th NSW Epping
Joachim    Bunning    2nd QLD Maryborough
Robbie    Burns    4th SA Salisbury
Aydin    Burton    1st QLD Gold Coast
Paul    Carr    24th VIC Reservoir
Mason    Carren    3rd WA Morley
James    Carrigy    4th QLD Pine Rivers
Jonathan    Chai    70th Singapore
Benjamin    Chambers    41st WA Dale
Joshua    Chamoun    23rd VIC Diamond Valley
Haddon    Chang    189th NSW West Tamworth
Carson    Choi    11th TAS Devonport
Timothy    Christie    124th NSW Toronto
Callan    Colley    41st WA Dale
Benjamin    Condie    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Justin    Cormick    6th ACT Canberra
Andrew    Costa    45th QLD Brisbane
Stephen    Cox    9th NSW Epping
Oliver    Crosato    1st QLD Crows Nest
Nic    Crosato    1st QLD Crows Nest
Isaac    Curkpatrick    33rd VIC Boronia
Rohan    Currie    9th WA Riverton
Sean    Cute    11th TAS Devonport
Thomas    Dando    31st VIC Heatherton
Joshua    Davis    33rd VIC Boronia
Caleb    Dieters    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Adam    Dobrzynski    33rd VIC Boronia
Zachary    Duke    2nd QLD Caboolture
Ben    Evans    17th VIC Mooroolbark
Joshua    Fairleigh    75th NSW Armidale
Jacky    Feng    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Lochlen    Ferris    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Jay    Flanagan    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Reuben    Forrest    9th NSW Epping
Saxon    Forrest    9th NSW Epping
Trevor    Gilbert    33rd VIC Boronia
Joshua    Gilbert    5th QLD Toowoomba
Lawson    Gill    19th NSW Bel Air
Nathaniel    Glazier    148th NSW Glenbrook
Kieran    Glazier    148th NSW Glenbrook
Nathan    Glover    9th WA Riverton
Brendan    Graetz    11th TAS Devonport
Jeremy    Gray    1st QLD Pine Rivers
Joshua    Grebert    30th NSW Wentworthville
Christopher    Griffin    3rd QLD Caboolture
Evan    Griffiths    4th QLD Logan
Daniel    Grogan    189th NSW West Tamworth
David    Gunn    33rd VIC Boronia
Matthew    Hadfield    32nd WA Goldfields
Brendan    Haesler    23rd VIC Diamond Valley
Joshua    Hall    9th WA Riverton
Joshua    Harris    75th NSW Armidale
Hiramaia    Hawke    30th NSW Wentworthville
Angus    Hawke    61st NSW Carlingford
Liam    Hawke    61st NSW Carlingford
Nathaniel    Hawken    146th NSW Blacktown
Anthony    Head    3rd QLD Caboolture
Dennis    Heather    Cook Islands
Rowan    Hentschel    99th NSW Albion Park
Tim    Herzog    17th VIC Mooroolbark
Timothy    Hess    5th QLD Toowoomba
James    Hill    5th QLD Toowoomba
Josh    Hodkinson    3rd QLD Caboolture
Dustin    Holley    1st QLD Gladstone
Hayden    Holley    1st QLD Gladstone
Scott    Howard    9th WA Riverton
Corey    Hubbard    33rd VIC Boronia
Adrian    Hubbard    33rd VIC Boronia
Michael    Hughes    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Joshua    Jameson    33rd VIC Boronia
Thomas    Jeffery    20th SA Hallett Cove
Lemuel    Johnson    1st QLD Pine Rivers
Harley    Johnston    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Tristan    Jones    49th QLD Brisbane
Janik    Joshua    3rd VIC Waverley
Shaun    Kavanagh    48th QLD Brisbane
Timothy    Kelly    189th NSW West Tamworth
Peter    Kelly    189th NSW West Tamworth
Brendan    Kelly    6th ACT Canberra
Tupuna    Keu    Cook Islands
Ryan    Kew    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Brent    King    189th NSW West Tamworth
Niamon    Koayen    21st VIC Mitcham
Zachary    Krause    46th QLD Brisbane
Joshua    Krause    46th QLD Brisbane
Tom    Krosch    1st QLD Pine Rivers
Tiare    Kura    Cook Islands
Chris    Laidler    19th NSW Bel Air
Joshua    Lardner    18th WA Wanneroo
Jason    Law    5th QLD Toowoomba
Chris    Learned    100th NSW Springwood
Andrew    Leau    7th WA Bull Creek
Peter    Lewis    1st QLD Ipswich
William    Lewis    99th NSW Albion Park
Chris    Lewis    99th NSW Albion Park
Daniel    Loane    11th TAS Devonport
Lachlan    MacDougall    1st QLD Ipswich
James    MacDougall    1st QLD Ipswich
Stephen    Machin    1st QLD Ipswich
Eamonn    Maloney    24th VIC Reservoir
Sebastian    Mann    1st QLD Gladstone
Chris    Markham    4th SA Salisbury
Joel    Marsh    33rd VIC Boronia
Matthew    Martin    24th VIC Reservoir
James    McCay    32nd QLD Brisbane
Robert    McHugh    24th VIC Reservoir
Jacob    McLellan    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Daniel    McLellan    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Bo-Justin    McLeod    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Lukas    Mewhor    3rd WA Morley
Adam    Millar    1st QLD Gold Coast
Micheal    Miller    146th NSW Blacktown
David    Mills    4th QLD Logan
James    Minett    17th VIC Mooroolbark
Elliot    Moore    17th VIC Mooroolbark
Stephen    Moore    7th WA Bull Creek
Stephen    Morice    3rd QLD Caboolture
Luke    Morton    17th VIC Mooroolbark
Samuel    Mugridge    13th WA Geraldton
Nathan    Newton    3rd QLD Caboolture
Darren    Ngui    33rd VIC Boronia
James    Nutt    1st QLD Crows Nest
Tim    O'Driscoll    1st QLD Gladstone
Matt    Overs    4th QLD Logan
Adam    Oxford    5th VIC Dandenong
Timothy    Paynter    189th NSW West Tamworth
Cameron    Pearce    3rd WA Morley
Lewis    Penrice    26th WA Eastern Hills
Albert    Peraua    Cook Islands
Christopher    Petschack    9th NSW Epping
Josh    Pitman    4th QLD Logan
Joel    Playford    19th NSW Bel Air
Brad    Playford    19th NSW Bel Air
Benjamin    Poole    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
John    Purtill    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Trent    Ramsay    23rd VIC Diamond Valley
Stephen    Ratcliffe    6th ACT Canberra
Jarek    Reah    1st QLD Gladstone
Patrick    Reid    11th TAS Devonport
Matthew    Rentz    4th QLD Logan
Ben    Rhyder    23rd VIC Diamond Valley
Samuel    Richards    11th TAS Devonport
Lincoln    Roberts    5th QLD Toowoomba
Robert    Rose    99th NSW Albion Park
Dalton    Rowel    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Michael    Ruge    1st QLD Gladstone
Josh    Scampton    33rd VIC Boronia
Tim    Schwartze    17th VIC Mooroolbark
Josiah    Seaman    75th NSW Armidale
Philip    Sellar    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Caleb    Simpson    33rd VIC Boronia
Rohan    Smith    2nd QLD Caboolture
Daniel    Smith    3rd QLD Caboolture
Simon    Smith    75th NSW Armidale
Cameron    Smith    75th NSW Armidale
Parau    Smith    Cook Islands
Matthew    Standing    90th NSW Casino
Chris    Stanley    4th QLD Logan
Tim    Stewart    5th Swansea
Aiden    Stirling    9th NSW Epping
Michael    Stolk    99th NSW Albion Park
Joshua    Suli    2nd QLD Maryborough
Luke    Suter    41st WA Dale
Daniel    Tadman    189th NSW West Tamworth
Adam    Tadman    75th NSW Armidale
Sean    Thomas    33rd VIC Boronia
Jonathan    Thompson    33rd VIC Boronia
Nathanael    Tomlinson    2nd QLD Maryborough
Shawn    Touzel    57th NSW Tahmoor
David    Trafford    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Anthony    Travers    21st VIC Mitcham
Brendan    Travers    21st VIC Mitcham
George    Turaki    Cook Islands
Stephen    Twine    3rd WA Morley
Vaerua    Vaerua    Cook Islands
Alex    VanCooten    1st QLD Ipswich
Matthew    Vanmidde    18th VIC Berwick
Timothy    Vidler    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Jamie    Wade    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Tory    Webb    6th ACT Canberra
Jayden    Webb    6th ACT Canberra
Peter    Wells    99th NSW Albion Park
Jordon    Westbrook    32nd WA Goldfields
Ben    Wight    20th SA Hallett Cove
Daniel    Wild    33rd VIC Boronia
Rory    Wilkinson    189th NSW West Tamworth
David    Wilson    17th VIC Mooroolbark
Owen    Winkley    3rd QLD Caboolture
Andrew    Winkley    3rd QLD Caboolture
Henry    Yeomans    75th NSW Armidale
Tom    Yeomans    75th NSW Armidale
Thomas    Young    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Tarun    Zachariah    7th WA Bull Creek

Congratulations to these Campers who gained Silver Pentapac

Philip    Adams    120th NSW Waverley
Jonathan    Adams    120th NSW Waverley
Tangireka    Akama    Cook Islands
Hugh    Anderson    7th SA Blackwood
Reece    Baldwin    1st QLD Gladstone
David    Bartlett    113th NSW Penrith
Joshua    Brandt    33rd VIC Boronia
Kyle    Brennan    189th NSW West Tamworth
Aidan    Brennan    189th NSW West Tamworth
Matthew    Carpenter    3rd QLD Pine Rivers
Chris    Corrigan    38th NSW Toongabbie
Geoffrey    Corrigan    38th NSW Toongabbie
Josh    Daniels    41st WA Dale
Ashley    Duffy    189th NSW West Tamworth
Jamie    Flannagan    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Hayden    Gilfillan    113th NSW Penrith
Joshua    Hall    61st NSW Carlingford
Robert    Hamilton    189th NSW West Tamworth
Anthony    Ilacqua    132nd NSW Campbelltown
John    Ilacqua    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Jared    Johnson    1st QLD Pine Rivers
Dylan    Johnston    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Jaiden    Johnstone    4th QLD Logan
Joel    Keygan    11th TAS Devonport
Ryan    Kimber    99th NSW Albion Park
Jackson    Koayen    21st VIC Mitcham
Clinton    Kubik    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Joshua    Leggo    19th NSW Bel Air
Adrian    Loane    11th TAS Devonport
Taylor    Love    21st VIC Mitcham
Kapaa    Marukore    Cook Islands
Sean    McBryde    5th QLD Toowoomba
Lewis    Mcintre    13th WA Geraldton
Daniel    Mclhwain    33rd VIC Boronia
Lachlan    Morrow    17th VIC Mooroolbark
James    Morton    17th VIC Mooroolbark
Jordan    Ongkili    7th WA Bull Creek
Benjamin    Paynter    189th NSW West Tamworth
Ben    Ritacca    41st WA Dale
Dariu    Ruavau    Cook Islands
David    Ryan    1st QLD Pine Rivers
Ainsley    Scheerhoorn    38th NSW Toongabbie
Owen    Scott    33rd VIC Boronia
Jack    Sheahan    33rd VIC Boronia
Luke    Thatcher    18th WA Wanneroo
Manbu    Tuozama    5th VIC Dandenong
Marcus    Vidler    132nd NSW Campbelltown
Alan    Walker    6th ACT Canberra
Sven    Wardrop    9th WA Riverton
Brenden    Westbrook    32nd WA Goldfields
Jeremy    Whitmore    1st QLD Gladstone
Ngatupuna    Williams    Cook Islands
Joseph    Wilson    3rd QLD Caboolture
Benson    Wilson    3rd QLD Caboolture
Aaron    Wright    19th NSW Bel Air

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